Service Description

Shree Rani Sati Trading Concern

Category: Drinking Water

Title: Shree Rani Sati Trading Concern

We have been supplying the materials of above companies, in the various Hospitals, Pathologies, Agriculture, Soil and Vet Research Centers, Medical Colleges, Cement, Paper, Rubber, Paint, Breweries, Noodles, Biscuits, Mineral Waters, Cosmetics, Vegetable Ghee, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Oil Industries and other Quality Control Laboratories.
We have three offices across Nepal, one at Kathmandu, another at Birgunj and our Head Office is in Krishna Nagar, Kapilvastu, Nepal.
We also supply all chemicals in bulk pack like Acetone, Methanol, Chloroform, Isopropyl Alcohol etc. for production purpose. If you require any items, please feel free to contact us through mail or dial us and allow us to serve you.

Other Details

Email :

Phone: 4279380

Country: Nepal

Zone: Bagmati

District: Kathmandu

VDC/Municipality: Kathmandu

Ward No: no

Street/Tole Address Kuleswor